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National appeal: Bring electric vehicles back to the streets



We drove an original DeLorean through the Westminster Bridge, yeah. Also got our hands on an incredible hoverboard prototype. Why? About 26 years ago a movie promised us flying cars, self-zipping shoes, hovering skateboards and building-size holograms – all to arrive by 21st October 2015.

Many astonishing concepts and gadgets wouldn’t see the light of the day if not for this inspiration. A week ago, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has torn many of them apart and threw the UK back to 2000’s by banning every small electric vehicle from public usage. To manifest the idea of hovering on the streets, our founder and visionary Timur Artemev arrived to Westminster Bridge from the movie’s parallel universe to ride a new age hoverboard in front of the Parliament.

“We love Britain as a place to do business and want to continue investing here and contributing to economic growth. The US and European markets have embraced these ‘self-balancing’ products, and the market in China has doubled in the last year. It’s crazy to think all of this is at risk because of a 180 year old law written to legislate the horse and carriage!” says Timur.

Timur is convinced: “Britain led the industrial revolution, and could be leading the 21st century tech-revolution, but red tape is stifling innovation”.

“I am part of a generation of dreamers, who grew up with Back to the Future and hoped to have a very own hoverboard one day. I hope the UK Government will help us reach these dreams by seeing how these products can be safely used to promote another great British tech success story” – said Timur.



Erklärung seitens eWheelz™

In Grossbritannien versucht man momentan erfolglos den Highway Act 1835 anzuwenden. Bereits 2 Petitionen wurden gestartet, jedoch wurde die erste Petition wegen fehlendem Inhalt abgelehnt und die zweite Petition erreichte leider nicht einmal die benötigte Stimmzahl. Aktuell ärgert man sich in Grossbritannien sehr darüber auf, dass Bürokratie Innovation ersticke und die Gesetze ein Update benötigen. Die Situation in Grossbritannien bleibt also weiterhin unklar und die Zukunft bleibt weiterhin offen. Das elektrische Einrad wird somit auch weiterhin noch nicht anerkannt.


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